About Me

Burn after reading.

Hello. My name is Orville Bennett, and THIS is my blog. Gaze upon its splendor and tremble in awe! Alternatively, you can just read a couple of articles that you find interesting. No pressure. This blog is really here to serve as a record of things I wish to not forget. In it's most recent incarnation this serves as an archive for older blog posts of mine, along with the newer how-to material which will likely only be of use to me.

I'm a recovering chemist virologist microbiologist physiologist scientist, with a penchant for research. Once I got married I decided the starving scientist thing, (while an awesome gig) wasn't really conducive to raising the considerably sized family I'd like to have (unless I was willing to move to Hotlanta!). And so it was that through prayer, persistence and a lot of reading I pivoted into the role of a Web Developer.

I'm currently very interested in all things scalable and tooling that helps bring about our resolution independent future. Also: The Bible. This is the year I start reading more, and possibly writing more about my journey throughout that most venerable of tomes.

For anyone who cares, this blog was created from my previous Jekyll blog, which was itself created from the ashes of an older Octopress instance. It is now entirely fueled by Zola, rust-lang powered static site generator extraordinaire.