How to Root the Droid Razr M in OS X

Wherein our hero explains how to achieve root for the Droid Razr M using Mac OS X

Posted by Orville Bennett on 20 October 2012
Read time: about 4 minutes

So! Perhaps you've read my review and decided to get a Droid Razr M. After getting it, you see all those crapps you can't uninstall; taunting you.

You're all like OMG the Jelly Beans have leaked and I wants them! What am I supposed to do?

Don't worry, says I, an attempt to comfort Root has been achieved.

But I dont have a windows machine, you retort just an awesome 2011 MacBook Pro.

It's ok, I assure Fret not, I have the answer.

What follows below is a quick and dirty outline of the steps necessary to get the Droid Razr M rooted so you can do, well, whatever you want with the phone you bought. The original method comes to us by way of djrbliss from XDA developers with additional info specific to the Razr M from other various other members. Thank you sirs.

The first thing we need before embarking on this adventure is ADB: the Android Debug Bridge. You can get it by going to and downloading the SDK for Mac OS X. Once you've downloaded the SDK, unzip it and open and follow along. After typing/copying each of the following commands you'll need to hit the Enter key.

  1. In the terminal type cd and then drag the unzipped folder to the terminal window and press [Enter]. You should now be in the root android-sdk-macosx directory.
  2. Type wget
  3. Type unzip to unzip in our current directory.
  4. Type tools/android and, in the window that appears, check the Android SDK Platform-tools
  5. Click the [Install 1 package] button then, in the window that appears, click the install button.
  6. Once the install is finish close all the windows.
  7. Type cp motofail2go/{motofail2go,Sudoku.apk,busybox}
  8. Next we need to get su and Superuser.apk from to place in the platform-tools directory.
  9. wget
  10. unzip
  11. cp Root/system/app/Superuser.apk platform-tools
  12. cp Root/system/xbin/su platform-tools
  13. On the Droid Razr M open up the Settings and go to Settings → Developer Options.
  14. Check the USB Debugging option.
  15. Connect to your mac via USB cable. Mine was connected as an MTP device when I tried this.
  16. Go back to the terminal and type cd platform-tools then [Enter]
  17. Then ./adb wait-for-device
  18. Then ./adb install Sudoku.apk
  19. Then ./adb push su /data/local/tmp/su
  20. Then ./adb push Superuser.apk /data/local/tmp/Superuser.apk
  21. Then ./adb push busybox /data/local/tmp/busybox
  22. Then ./adb push motofail2go /data/local/tmp/motofail2go
  23. Then ./adb shell "chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/motofail2go"
  24. Then ./adb shell "/data/local/tmp/motofail2go prep1"
  25. Then ./adb shell "run-as com.motorola.bug2go/data/local/tmp/motofail2go prep2"

After running all those commands you'll need to do one more thing on the phone. Turn the volume all the way down, and then follow the instructions below.

* Please trigger a bugreport on your phone by pressing
* Volume Up + Power simultaneously. If successful, your device
* will vibrate. Make sure this vibration is distinct from the
* vibration that occurs when you turn the volume all the way
* down.
  1. Then ./adb shell "/data/local/tmp/motofail2go trigger"
  2. Then ./adb shell "/data/local/tmp/motofail2go clean"
  3. After this step you should have root. Go forth, download some root apps to test and have fun.
  4. After verifying that you have root run ./adb uninstall com.motorola.bug2go

You may notice that this assumes a certain level of comfort with the command line. This is deliberate. If you're not familiar enough with the command line, I highly suggest reading up a bit more on the topic.

Want to comment? @reply to @opinion8d_logic on twitter with the hashtag #rootrazrm. I'll post the ones I deem worthy here.