Might I have a quick look

Posted by Orville Bennett on 24 August 2008
Read time: about 2 minutes

This is a story all about how my life didn't get twist-turned upside down. And I'd like to take some minutes to sit right here, tell you how I became the king of this Apple macbook air.

Kidding! I just didn't want to use "here" to rhyme with "here". That's so unoriginal (if technically correct). So what am I ranting about today while eating my Ichiban? Read on.

While preparing my noodles just now (apparently the "Number one" noodles from the maker ;-) ) I remembered that on my macbook pro, courtesy of some mac rss feed, I'd discovered a zip quicklook plugin. I wanted it back. One google search later and I was rewarded with this gem: http://www.tuaw.com/2007/11/27/quick-look-folder-and-zip-plugins/

A folder quicklook plugin? For Realz? This was already paying off! That zip plugin was not the one I had remembered however so I kept on trucking. And behold: http://macitbetter.com/BetterZip-Quick-Look-Generator.

P.S. The other potential title for this entry was "Can I have a quick look (up your panties!)" I fully blame One Piece's Singing Skeleton Brook for that.