Restoring YouVersion Bibles

Wherein our hero restores some previously downloaded bibles for YouVersion's Android Bible app

Posted by Orville Bennett on 22 September 2012
Read time: about 3 minutes

I purchased a Droid RAZR M — an AWE SOME Android phone recently (see review). After moving my old phone's sdcard to the new phone, the Bible app was not picking up my (already downloaded) KJV and NIV bibles. For those who aren't aware, last year YouVersion was able to offer the new (2011) NIV translation of the Bible for download. This was a rather big deal as it meant one did not need to be online to use the NIV translation in this Bible app.

Here's the email announcement I received:

2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. To celebrate this milestone of making God’s Word available in the common language of the people, all throughout this year, YouVersion will be highlighting several special events and opportunities that will make it easier than ever to access, engage and share the Bible.

The first event we’re excited to tell you about is a special 400-hour promotion made possible through a partnership with Biblica and Zondervan. Exclusively through the Bible App™ you’ll be able to download the New International Version (NIV) using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device…absolutely free. Downloading the NIV means you’ll be able to read it anytime, anywhere–even when you can’t connect to your service provider or the Internet, and after the 400 hour promotion is over.

I, of course, grabbed it then and have been enjoying the benefits of having the KJV and 2011 NIV available for offline reading. A few days ago I purchased a new phone. As a result I had to reinstall my old apps. For Android's the Bible app, my downloaded bibles were stored in the /sdcard/.youversion/ folder on the old phone. This folder contained the contents of my micro sdcard.

As I mentioned, the Bible app on the RAZR M was not picking up my downloaded KJV and NIV bibles. I found that the reason for this is that my old phone places the external storage in /sdcard, while the RAZR M places the internal storage in /sdcard. The RAZR M actually places external storage (my sdcard) in /mnt/external1; or, it did for me at least. I didn't start the RAZR M up with an sdcard inside so perhaps this only happens in certain situations.

Anyway, to solve my problem I moved the Bible app download folder from /mnt/external1/.youversion/ to /sdcard/.youversion/. I used ES File Manager from Google's Play Store to do the moving. Hope this helps someone out.

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