The Saddest Word

Posted by Orville Bennett on 27 March 2010
Read time: about 1 minutes

Dear Internets,.. I live. The winter session of school has ended and I got a B. That brings the GPA down to a 3.8 something, I'm rather happy with this. Lab work is picking up as well. Also I have a girl. I'm extremely happy with this. She's a keeper as they say (because she's awesome).

T'would seem that now I have a family, and above all else, that is what's important to me. I probably won't be coming back to you but it's OK, there'll be other students, other out-of-work chaps with too much time on their hands and an unhealthy longing for a specific app. Or perhaps there is only one. Either way you won't being seeing much "work" from me.

I've enjoyed our time together though. It's been fun. Really.
See you on the book of faces. :-)