The Struggle

Posted by Orville Bennett on 2 June 2010
Read time: about 4 minutes

I was walking to the supermarket last week (5/25) and started thinking. Then a couple days later I started talking about the same topic in lab with someone. I thought I'd throw them out there for all the world to see (and inevitably, critique). My thoughts went thusly:

To all the crippled, old people out there going to school, I'd like to say something ... thank you. Some days i want to give up, some days i want to just pack it up and disappear somewhere in the woods and just "live off the land" getting rid off these people and the problems they're causing in my life. And then I see them. The old guy with his briefcase going to class, the middle aged dude in sweats power walking through the tunnels to get to the next lecture. Determination in their eyes, the grit of purpose on their countenance. The girl hobbling on legs that don't quite work to the next lecture. And if they can do it, darn it i can too.

It's in these moments when i start thinking about this stuff that I thank God. I get it. Struggle is necessary. If not for my sake then for the sake of that little girl looking up to me. Because when she sees that i have a hard time in life too, and when she sees me not blaming circumstance and giving up, that gives her strength, that gives her the will to carry on. That also takes away the excuse to just give up. And that brings the opportunity to let her know how I survived it all: Jesus. The everlasting love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit got me through. Didn't make it easier (I don't think), but it did make it bearable.

As long as humans have free will, there are those who will exploit others for their benefit, ruining lives. As a result of this it is perhaps inevitable that at some point in your life you will be "screwed over." You don't need to be afraid though, the lord will guide you through, and in doing so, make a better person of you. And who knows, your struggle may even help someone else, perhaps even to the point where they give their lives to the Lord. So don't give up, and do listen to what the Lord tells you to do. What do you possibly have to lose that's not worth losing? I mean yeah, you could lose a lot, I've lost tons. Nothing which I couldn't do without though. And most times I realize that what I've lost was better off not having.

To use an illustration I've used before, I'll compare it to this: it's like losing that hot chick you were dating to go marry that homely looking chick that's been your neighbor since forever.

At first it might seem like a downgrade, but then yours eyes open up. You see that hot chick was only ever hot because she layer-caked makeup all over and wore those pushup bras w/ skimpy outfits. She wasn't really hot, she just covered up all the faults well. And you had to pay for all that crap too. As long as the mirage was up though, you were OK with it.

On the other hand, you've come to realize that homely chick is perfect. She only ever wanted you so she wouldn't go out in public showing her ladybits to everyone. You however were too dumb, and blind, to look past it. But she helped you through a hard time, you got to know her and the more you knew, the more you loved. All her uptightness made sense now.

Next thing you know, you're happy you're not w/ hot chick because, well ... she was shallow, and having found something deeper, there ain't no way, no way, you're going back.
And it doesn't hurt that under all those layers of clothes, and behind the oversized glasses, she's flippin' hot!

Well, that's how I see it in my head. Maybe that won't work for you. Unless you're a dude who knows what I'm talking about. Or gay. Where was I going with this again?
Ah. Yes. You don't really lose anything worthwhile giving your life to Christ, and for what you do lose you gain a whole lot more.