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The Mask

I remember when I was in college, around either amaroK 1.2 or 1.3 release time, when I first found out about (and was invited to) the amarok dev channel. I don't remember exactlty why, but muesli let me in on the secret. Maybe it was because I was helping out with the docs, or ma…

Things I learned about Xcode today

There are two ways to include files in your project that guarantees compilation. Only one of these ways should be used at a time.

Recipe for World Domination

After having a talk with aseigo today I have been lulled out of my ill-deserved slumber. So let's try something and see where this goes... Plan Step 1: Collate an actual list of all KDE's dependencies (Techbase). Step 2: Find out which are actually used for functionality on OS X …

Xcode Tips

I like my fonts antialiased, and one thing that has continually bothered me is Xcode's lack of antialiasing in its code editor. To gain this "feature" I had to go to the Xcode Preferences window, then to the Fonts and Colors section. Click on the font and either change it to another fixed width font, or increase the size of Monaco to be greater than 10. For some reason, even if it's set in System Preferences, Monaco at 10 point or lower is not antialiased (except for in the Terminal, which has its own antialiasing setting).

Think Diff

Apple has an interesting little utility which they provide with Xcode called FileMerge. I don't actually know if it merges files as the name implies, but I would assume so. I've been using it to see file diffs here on os x. It seems to be a quick and dirty app, but it's easy to u…

And now, for something completely different

Now twitting. No, I didn't mean tweeting.