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Functional Faith: Week 3

The next sermon in the Functional Faith series is up. Enjoy! (Still no subtitles).

The proper way to update FreeBSD jails between point releases

As I've mentioned before, FreeBSD has this concept of a jail which allows you to isolate an environment from the host operating system. This isolation keeps the rest of the system safe from whatever is being run inside of the jail. You can liken it to running an application in a …

Guatemala Mission Trip 2018: Day 2

Breakfast! That's a wonderful way to start of your day if you can manage it. And I did on the second day here. Before we came to Guatemala we sort of had an itinerary of what was going to be done. It's always emphasized by the leaders that we've got to be flexible though, because…

NPM can't verify certificate after man-in-the-middle tls inspection enabled

So, I have TLS 1 inspection happening for some machines on my home network, including my development machine are among the machines where I allow this to happen. While trying to install an npm package the other day I ran into some errors. After I checked the log file at ~/.npm/_…

Functional Faith: Week 2

I decided to share this week's sermon from New Life Chapel while messing with autogenerated subtitles. The subtitle generation didn't work very well. But hey, this is a good message, so enjoy!

Guatemala Mission Trip 2018: Day 1

Day 1! Wake up The 1st Day of a mission trip is always interesting. I say "always" even though I've only been one other time. This time, the interesting thing was that I seem to have gotten used to the sharp, piercing pain that I usually have on the right side of my fac…