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My week with Coronavirus (SARS-Cov2)

Hello there online traveller! I have not written in a long time, so it is good to see you're still here! It has certainly been a wild ride since we last corresponded. Like many of you, I made it through 2020 without contracting SARS-CoV21. (yay us!).

What to do after you blow your (git) stash

How to recover git stashes after accidentally deleting them.

I just blew my stash! So I had occasion to be doing some code cleanup late at night and I accidentally deleted some git stashes I had around. Now the code was super important, I didn't actually remember what was in those stashes. But this was git so I figured I could get it back.…

Functional Faith: Week 3

The next sermon in the Functional Faith series is up. Enjoy! (Still no subtitles).

The proper way to update FreeBSD jails between point releases

As I've mentioned before, FreeBSD has this concept of a jail which allows you to isolate an environment from the host operating system. This isolation keeps the rest of the system safe from whatever is being run inside of the jail. You can liken it to running an application in a …

Guatemala Mission Trip 2018: Day 2

Breakfast! That's a wonderful way to start of your day if you can manage it. And I did on the second day here. Before we came to Guatemala we sort of had an itinerary of what was going to be done. It's always emphasized by the leaders that we've got to be flexible though, because…

NPM can't verify certificate after man-in-the-middle tls inspection enabled

So, I have TLS 1 inspection happening for some machines on my home network, including my development machine are among the machines where I allow this to happen. While trying to install an npm package the other day I ran into some errors. After I checked the log file at ~/.npm/_…