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Fix git-lfs smudge error: Error downloading file, object does not exist on server

What to do when git's smudge filter lfs fails

I ran into this problem recently, when attempting to migrate a repository (repo) from my personal gitea instance to github. It started innocently enough. I had a git repository and wanted to test parallel test runs with cypress. The CI provider I was using (drone), did not support this feature and, after speaking with the cypress folks, they suggested trying with github actions. Sure. Why not. Should be easy. Little did I know this would lead me down a git-lfs sized rabbit hole.

Mac apps I love

It's listicle time! What follows is a list of software I keep coming back to on my macs. You could call them essential. You could call them important. You could even go so far as to say that I ❤️ them.

Command line nirvana

I've been using command line interface (CLI) applications for quite some time, but I feel like with the emergence of the Go and Rust programming language communities we are currently in a golden age of command line usage.

My week with Coronavirus (SARS-Cov2)

Hello there online traveller! I have not written in a long time, so it is good to see you're still here! It has certainly been a wild ride since we last corresponded. Like many of you, I made it through 2020 without contracting SARS-CoV2. (yay us!).

What to do after you blow your (git) stash

How to recover git stashes after accidentally deleting them.

I just blew my stash! So I had occasion to be doing some code cleanup late at night and I accidentally deleted some git stashes I had around. Now the code was super important, I didn't actually remember what was in those stashes. But this was git so I figured I could get it back.…

Functional Faith: Week 3

The next sermon in the Functional Faith series is up. Enjoy! (Still no subtitles).