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Globbing in Zsh doesn't work with scp

Since switching to zsh I've run into a variety of issues with globbing1 and other features not working the way I was used to with bash. This post is about resolving another of those issues. Today I was trying to scp some cachegrind files from a remote box and got the following er…

Grace: for computer programmers

A few years ago my son and I were talking about what he learned in church that Sunday. The end result of that conversation was that I was going to do some reading and then teach him about Grace. Not just any old grace mind you, but God's grace. Fast forward a few years and he sti…

Configuring Xorg on a Brix Mini PC to work with the Mitsubishi WS-55513 HD1080 rear projection TV

Or, how to get your pc to output video to the WS-55513 without massive overscan

I recently bought a barebones mini PC system with the intent of setting it up as a video game and video streaming server. After a lot of searching and reading of reviews, I settled on an AMD based Brix PC from Gigabyte, the Gigabyte AMD A8-5545M. Unfortunately, by the time I was …

Recreating raster images as SVGs: part 2

wherein our hero manually optimizes our image to reduce it's size

When last we spoke we had just finished discussing the merits of delivering assets as SVGs instead of PNGs, or other raster formats. We found that SVGs offered greater file size savings and compressibility while simultaneously offering superior image quality. We also saw that we …

Recreating raster images as SVGs: part 1

Or, how to compress an image by 98% while getting a superior quality

Lazyweb, I'm going to share something with you today that I hope blows your mind. I'm going to show you how utterly awesome SVGs are for certain types of images. What I'll be doing is recreating an image of an owl with a chevron background. Here is the source image: As you see, …

Git Troubleshooting

I've had the fortune of being an early adopter for Git as a version control system. A part of this early adoption involves getting bleeding edge software to work alongside older, more decrepit software. Such was the case when using git as my subversion (svn) client.