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Restoring YouVersion Bibles

Wherein our hero restores some previously downloaded bibles for YouVersion's Android Bible app

I purchased a Droid RAZR M — an AWE SOME Android phone recently (see review). After moving my old phone's sdcard to the new phone, the Bible app was not picking up my (already downloaded) KJV and NIV bibles. For those who aren't aware, last year YouVersion was able to offer the …

Baby Stuff

Wherein our hero post links to baby stuff

Nothing much to see here. I'm just posting some Amazon Affiliate links for stuff we're getting for the baby. We're going to order the following (non-essential) items:

Leaving Neverland

Wherein our hero pontificates on the inevitability of growing up

Some months ago, my wife and I went to visit some friends. Actually, I went to visit and she and her friend went out. On the way home I found myself in one of those introspective moods I usually have at random times. In that moment I slowly began realizing that something I never …

Building a better zombie

People have been talking recently about zombie attacks, pointing to them as signs and portents of our impending doom as a race. At first there was the story of the man who ate the face off a homeless man. He was shot by police, refused to stop eating the man's flesh, then shot some more until, apparently, he died. Next there was the story of the guy who had someone's bones in his basement and was found later to have eaten him.

Don't believe everything you hear

Ladies. Gentlemen. Gather 'round. Today I'd like to share with you an encounter I had this past week. Me and the family got home early last Sunday and, as is our custom, we ate food and stared at each other. My wife had a brilliant idea however and suggested that we go to a block…

Risen from the dead: A Vibrant Story.

I just, painstakingly, posted about 10 Facebook comments, with the following info, chronicling the steps I took to try and fix my T-Mobile Vibrant, which was hard bricked; then I realized I have a blog where I could have posted this info and be able to get at it much easier fo…