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How Akamai Linode helped me find a better hosting deal

While writing up my previous post on fixing a terrible Apple Mail bug, I stumbled into a rant. It blossomed from a throwaway line, to become a reference, which turned into a paragraph, and finally birthed a full blown post. So here it is. My explanation of why I moved on from Linode's really quite good hosting, and why, perhaps, you should too.

To start, this is not a story about how terrible Linode as a company is, or how horrible their service has become under Akamai stewardship. What's that you say? You didn't know that Akamai acquired Linode a few years ago? Yeah man, for almost a whole Instagram. Congrats to caker on the exit by the way.

Fix Apple Mail's 'Invalid Email addres. Please enter a valid email address for this account' error

or, how to overcome Apple Mail's stunningly bad error message when changing an existing account's login details

Having finished a recent migration to a new email server (goodbye, Linode) I started the process of updating my email clients. I had a wide swath of clients to update: K9 for android, Mail for iPadOS, Mail for Mac, Canary for iOS.

Fix FreeBSD 'Address family not supported by protocol' error at dovecot startup

I ran into an interesting error while rebuilding our e-mail infrastructure recently. Dovecot would not start in its FreeBSD 14.0 jail, even though the ports it was trying to listen on weren't being used.

Presentation: I spent a year learning Rust to avoid a 5 minute PHP job

This is a video of an old talk, based an on older blog post.

I'm posting a version here so I have it in case YT ever dies.

Get serious about rust, by writing more rust


A few years ago I was working on a design system with a team that was in the midst of implementing a new color system. The system was mostly complete and what was left was documentation and tooling to ease working with, generating or modifying color tokens. We'd chosen to write these tools in JavaScript (JS).

Relay emails from alpine container using SMTPHOST.

I've been making more changes to my form API backend recently, migrating the deployment environment from FreeBSD jails to Docker containers. This isn't a post about that migration though. In the process of migrating I lost access to a fully featured sendmail binary. If you'd lik…