Oh Snap!

Posted by Orville Bennett on 11 November 2008
Read time: about 1 minutes

Just realized that I can go directly to a folder in the Finder by typing [Command]+[Shift]+G. This makes my file browsing experience complete. Now I can open hidden folders without needing to use open /path/to/hidden/.directory in Terminal.app.
Thanks to the Daring Fireball feed which took me to this little gem.

It also points out the shortcuts you can use in the Open... dialogs to get the Go To Folder... sheet there as well. Nifteh! What's not nifty is me being at work today. 'Cause it's a holiday! Still, I'm staying and finishing out the day. I'm already here and no one else being here doesn't slow down my plans too much.

Would've been a nice day to finish up working on the macports stuff though.