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Recreating raster images as SVGs: part 1

Or, how to compress an image by 98% while getting a superior quality

Lazyweb, I'm going to share something with you today that I hope blows your mind. I'm going to show you how utterly awesome SVGs are for certain types of images. What I'll be doing is recreating an image of an owl with a chevron background. Here is the source image: As you see, …

Git Troubleshooting

I've had the fortune of being an early adopter for Git as a version control system. A part of this early adoption involves getting bleeding edge software to work alongside older, more decrepit software. Such was the case when using git as my subversion (svn) client.


I was just thinking about all the projects I've contributed code to in the past and thinking, "Huh. That's quite a sizeable list." The list goes something like this:

On Installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a 2011 Macbook Pro


What I'll be showing you today is how to rescue your 2011 Macbook Pro by putting Linux on it. I understand you might be asking "Why would I do such a thing!?" So imagine this scenario:

Avoid tar: Removing leading `/' from member names message in backup scripts

I recently figured out how to get rid of an annoying message that came from the tar backup program that I'd like to share. I have servers that I've set up to do hosting for some clients. Since they're actually paying for this service I also perform regular backups. This would be…

Changing the default shell in OS X to Zsh

Update Apple has finally followed my lead and this is no longer necessary as of macOS Catalina. Original Post More "getting stuff ready" info so i don't forget. To change the default shell in OSX the venerable chsh program works just fine. chsh -s /path/to/zsh Now here…