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I was just thinking about all the projects I've contributed code to in the past and thinking, "Huh. That's quite a sizeable list." The list goes something like this:

On Installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a 2011 Macbook Pro


What I'll be showing you today is how to rescue your 2011 Macbook Pro by putting Linux on it. I understand you might be asking "Why would I do such a thing!?" So imagine this scenario:

Avoid tar: Removing leading `/' from member names message in backup scripts

I recently figured out how to get rid of an annoying message that came from the tar backup program that I'd like to share. I have servers that I've set up to do hosting for some clients. Since they're actually paying for this service I also perform regular backups. This would be…

Changing the default shell in OS X to Zsh

Update Apple has finally followed my lead and this is no longer necessary as of macOS Catalina. Original Post More "getting stuff ready" info so i don't forget. To change the default shell in OSX the venerable chsh program works just fine. chsh -s /path/to/zsh Now her…

Working with octopress 2 and zsh

I had to get a new mac recently in order to continue working on a client project since my older (2 year old) refurbished Macbook Pro had started acting up. Instead of continuing to fight with it I decided the wisest thing to do would be to get a new iMac. So now I have a fresh n…

Creative Juices: Part 2

Wherein our hero details the evolution of the bennett project logo

So last year i mentioned that I'd be explaining the process of creating a logo in this post. I wont be using just any old logo though. No sir, I'll show you how I arrived at the bennett project umbrella. I started thinking about a logo for the website as I thought it would be coo…